So You're Trying To Grow A Profitable Business

But Your Social Media Isn't Bringing You New Clients

I spent years working my side hustle while daydreaming from my 9-5. I felt just like you do—trapped—wanting nothing more than to provide for myself and the people I love but getting nowhere fast.

But then I started studying social media and leveraging the algorithms to build a business to take care of myself.

In the last few years, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build profitable brands they love through smart social media marketing—and you can build a dream business too! My students are now turning away business because they have more than they can handle, taking on new employees, getting featured by news outlets, and they still have time to relax and enjoy the lives they’ve built for themselves. So…are YOU ready?

“I bought K.M.’s newsletter course and sent out my first newsletter this morning. It looks amazing, was easy to do, and my newsletter has already generated direct interest in under an hour. I don’t want to say too much and give away K.M.’s secrets, but this was the best thing I’ve done for my author platform in a long time!”—Melanie McFarlane, author

“My social media reach was almost nonexistent before I met K.M. I struggled with most of the platforms and had no understanding of how to use Instagram effectively, or the importance of consistency within the programs. K.M. not only gave me the knowledge to expand my social reach, but also the support while doing it. Because of her, my social media is grabbing people’s attention. People are beginning to notice me and my brand! And it’s only up from here thanks to K.M.!”—Mel Gilbert, author


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Looking for customize strategies? I’m here to support your business and create specific action plans for you to grow your business even faster.

There’s a 90% chance you’re using ineffective hashtags on Instagram.

How do I know?

I’ve seen so many of my students flounder from using what they thought were great hashtags for their businesses…but once they implemented these few changes, their engagement sky rocketed.

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“It’s all about the hashtags! Thankful I took K.M.’s advice on proper hashtags because my engagement tripled when I began to use the right ones. It’s allowed for people to find my business easier which has led to wholesale orders and event requests!”

-Elissa C, candle maker

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The majority of people I work with have worked really hard on their biographies for websites, social media, speaking engagements, etc….

And the majority of them have committed some major fails when it comes to their bios that actually cost them money.

Chances are, you are too….

So here’s what you need to know, Boss:


Ready to learn in real-time? Every week, you’ll catch a new live broadcast over on Facebook where I’m breaking down a social media topic on air so you can ask questions while I’m there in person! Join me?

The 411 On What You Get From Me

*Pro Photographer  =  I teach you to take better photos for social media without pro equipment or training

*Certified Elementary Teacher  =  I teach in a variety of ways for all earned…and my lesson plans are killer!

*Best-selling YA Author  =  I can help you write copy that slays online to gets you better engagement and more sales

*Social Media Strategist  =  I’m in with FB, IG, Twitter, Youtube, etc and break all the latest news to you first…I’ve even been interviewed by FB and other companies for my innovative work in the field!

“If you think social media isn’t important, think again! Honestly, I’m having businesses and events contacting me left and right because ‘they saw me on IG/FB’ ! I’m so grateful for K.M.’s courses because I never would have been this successful without them.” 

-Elissa Carr, candle creator

Hashtags not cutting it on IG?

Hashtags are THE best way to get found on IG, but have you tried location tags yet? I jumped on a Facebook Live to teach about location tags and how you can bee using them in your business! Check out the replay to the right!

Here's what people have to say!


“My Instagram account has grown ten-fold since I learned the tricks of the trade from K.M. Robinson. My photography wouldn’t be what it is without her Book Styling Photography course. I also received one on one instruction and critiques after the course. Her photography tips were imperative to the success I’ve had on Instagram.”-Connie R, instagrammer

Need Help Sizing Your Facebook Cover Image?

Here’s a template to help you size your FB Cover images in 2019! Enjoy!

“This course was highly enlightening! K.M. is a wonderful, patient instructor who is generous with her ideas as well as time to ensure everyone understands the courses. She goes the extra length as far as helping/teaching goes. I highly recommend this course!

-Sissy Lu, blogger

“K.M.’s Bootcamp course has been pivotal in helping me reinvent my blog and has also helped awaken long idle creativity. Not only am I now able to create more visually appealing blog posts, I am already seeing the potential for higher reader views. I recommend this bootcamp to anyone ready to take their blog to the next level.”

-Candace Carpenter, blogger

“Prior to the courses, I’d post something and hope someone would notice it, but K.M. taught me how to make it so they HAD to notice and felt inclined to engage with me. Now I’m told they love me and my brand because I’m so down to earth.”

-Elle Beaumont, author


There is a specific type of hashtag you’re (very likely) using that is actually keeping you from getting more sales?

I explain all in the video…and give you a present!


+ I have discounts and extended free trials for you…and bonuses that I created for you if you try some of these!

Have a burning social media question? Let me know where you need a little bit of help, advice, or a guide to help you level up ini your business on social media and I’ll add your request to my video tutorial list!


Button-for-button, step-for-step tutorials to break down a ton of your social media headaches into simple, easy-to-follow steps. Check them out (or request a tutorial) here:


There’s a 99% chance your bio is killing your sales. Let me help you fix it!

Watch the video where I tell you how to do it! And then if you want a fill-in-the-blank template, I’ve got you covered there too with Bio Bootcamp for Bosses!


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