How To Screenshare On YouTube and Facebook Live

Screensharing on Youtube and Facebook is exceptionally easy with platforms like BeLive (a Facebook partner)

Here’s how to use it!

Using BeLive To Livestream

BeLive is a Facebook partner (meaning Facebook works directly with them to give them special access, privileges, and advanced access to new features) that allows their users to multi-cast to different locations at once, have multiples guests on screen, screenshare, etc.

Here’s an on-screen tutorial for you!

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On the left side of the screen, click the button labeled “screen” to pull up the screen share options.

You can share the entire screen, an application window (this is what people most frequently use) or a Chrome tab. Once you pick which you want, more options will appear to chose from.

Once selected, your screens will be available at the bottom in your staging area. Click Show In Stream to add to your live screen.

Grab an extended free trial of BeLive on me + if you like it, 20% off Belive code: KM

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Click on the tab or application you wish to show. You can use more than one window, you just have to add them individually (you can have up to four items on screen at any given time, though you can easily rotate things on and off screen when needed)

To remove from your live screen, toggle on the Hide button. This will move it back to the staging area. To remove entirely, click the X button on the top right corner above the thumbnail view.

Be aware, once you have multiple items on the live screen, you’ll have several layouts to chose from so you can move items around the screen.



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