How TO Run A Virtual Convention

Running a virtual con is a great way to grow your business. Here’s how to plan your next online convention, summit, or event.

How To Run A Virtual Convention

1.) Create Your Topic

2.) Decide How Many Panels Your Con Will Have And How Many Days Your Con Will Run For

Typically 1-3 days per event with 3-5 panels per day, but PRO TIP: It’s better to have more panels on a single day than less panels per day stretched over a weekend. Check out the video for details!

3.) Find Panel Speakers (2+ panelists in addition to the host—less is just a conversation, not a panel) Check out the bonus video below on how you can use BeLive to have multiple guests on your panels!

4.) Collect Marketing Materials From Your Guests to Promo The Event 


Bonus Video: How To Use BeLive To Stream Your Panel With Multiple Guests, Screen Sharing, and Customized Branding

How Long Should Con Panels Be?

When it comes to Con panels, you can’t be too short or too long—45-60 minutes per panel is ideal for virtual conventions because it gives panelists enough time to speak but isn’t so long that viewers get bored or distracted, as well as giving enough time for people to interact while you’re on air and get their questions answered.

How Much Time Between Con Panels?

You need to give enough time for viewers to take a break between panels, but more importantly, you need to create enough time for the host to switch tech around and bring in new panelists between episodes of the panels—the ideal time frame is 45 minutes between panels. Check out the video for the logic behind this time gap!

How To Brand Your Virtual Con

1.) Create An Overlay—this is aesthetically pleasing AND reminds people what they’re looking at. Check out the example in the video for ideas!

2.) Customize Your Colors For Agenda Notes

3.) Create Custom Backgrounds

Check the video for more tips!


How To Brand Your Virtual Con

Nervous about being on camera? Here’s a bonus video on how to look and feel better on camera!


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