The "Lazy" Life Hack That Allows Me To Make An Extra $100 In My Business Every Week

This life hack makes me sound lazy but actually allows me to make $100 more a week in my business:

The Thing:

I rigged one of my ring lights to an extension cord that has a button I can press to turn it on so I don’t have to get up and walk around my table desk to turn it on and off when I film IG Stories.

What most people think:

Wow, that’s really lazy, all you have to do is get up and turn on/off a light.

The reality:

It takes 30 seconds to get up and turn on the light and turn off the room light, then another 30 seconds to reverse it. With a minimum of 10 video recordings throughout a day, that’s 10 minutes per day….70 minutes per week. I could use that time to write more of my book, film a bunch of content for a course, or even do an hour consultation with a client where I make $100 per hour to work with them.

So yes, it might be a lazy girl hack, but it’s a lazy girl hack that means I get to make more money because I don’t waste an hour a week turning on and off some lights.
And this right here is why I’m able to do the work of four people in a single day and most people struggle to do the work of one 😉
Life lesson: See what seemingly unimportant things there are in your life that you can create systems for or automate to save you time and effort so you can be more productive and do them!
A clickable extension cord just gave me back an hour a week.



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