How To Add A Thumbnail To IGTV Videos and Livestreams

Thumbnails are super important on IGTV and Instagram livestreams. Here’s how to make one, where to put the information on it, and how to add it to your video both as an IGTV clip or from a livestream in this on-screen tutorial.

Creating Thumbnails For Instagram Lives and IGTV

Use the vertical thumbnail template below to create your thumbnail.

Keep all important information int he center square, while using the upper and lower portions for decorative elements.

If you can use a full length image to reach the bottom of the thumbnail, it will look best, but you can use decorative elements if your image is smaller to block it so it looks natural in your thumbnail.

It’s best to use an image of yourself on it—faces offer more trust to potential clients than lifestyle imagery—and then add enough information that people know what they’re going to be watching.

Click on the template to download it as you create your thumbnail!

Once you’re finished designing your thumbnail, upload it into your IGTV post or add it from your camera roll after your livestream ends (PRO TIP: always have your thumbnail ready before you livestream because you can’t post the video without a thumbnail after and you can’t go back and edit it once it’s been posted)

If you need help knowing which buttons to hit, check out the video for an on-screen tutorial!


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