How To Use Instagram and Facebook Messenger Rooms As Upsells In Your Business

Instagram Messenger Rooms and Facebook Messenger rooms are new tools for business owners and hold incredible value as upsets within our businesses.

Let’s talk about how to use the new Instagram and Facebook Messenger Rooms and how YOU can use them as upsells inside of your business. First let’s take a quick look at how to use these features.


On Instagram, click over to your profile, then go to the three lines in the top righthand corner. From there, click on Settings, then go to account, to Linked Accounts, and select Facebook.


Messenger rooms are run specifically through the infrastructure Facebook has created inside of Messenger, and because they own Instagram, they’re connecting the two platforms, as well as working on rolling this out to WhatsApp and more of their acquisitions.


Once you’ve connected your Instagram account to Facebook, you can go back to your main page and click on the inbox paper airplane up at the top right. From there, you’ll see a camera icon in the top right. Click on that and it will give you the option to create a room group. You will only see this feature if your app is updated and you’ve connected it to Facebook.


From there, you can either select other Instagram users to join your group or move on to the next screen where you’ll be given a link that you can email or text to your friends. If they don’t have Instagram or Facebook, they’ll be prompted to download the Messenger app to join you.


You can then add up to 50 people to your room—if adding through the app, you’ll be given the ability to add a message so they know why you’re sending them the invitation.


Sounds pretty good, right? We’re about to discuss how you can be leveraging this in your business to make more money and dive deeper with your clients, but first, let’s chat about Facebook because there’s actual an advantage over there that you need to know about!


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Inside of the Facebook app on your phone, you can go to your home page and at the top, you’ll find two options to create a group. Use either the Create Room button or the Room button that will link it to a status update at the top.


But, as an added bonus, you can also do this through your desktop where you’ll find that you now have access to screen sharing capabilities.


You can also name your room from desktop, select your friends, and set a specific time for your conversation.


Inside of your group, you can lock the room so no one else can join should you have selected the feature that allows anyone to pop in to say hello rather than selecting the individuals you wanted to join you.


You can also turn both your camera and microphones on mute should you need to—or should you need the people you’re joining you to—which brings me to my next point—using this in your business.


We’ve now been given the opportunity to create meetings and conversations with up to 50 people in the room. Smart entrepreneurs are already leveraging this in their businesses to hold meetings, but we can also be using this as an upsell in our business.


Imagine holding super-exclusive small group trainings right inside of Facebook or Instagram so our clients never have to leave their favorite apps. With the desktop version of Facebook allowing screenshare capabilities, we can go live inside of a Messenger Room and teach a private lesson, coaching session, etc and give our members the opportunity to interact and ask questions in real-time.


Can you imagine how that levels-up our game within our business? I hold small group coaching sessions all the time, but I can only have a few people on screen with me and the rest have to write in questions through the chat box. But now, I have the opportunity to have them in a room with me and able to ask questions face-to-face.


I can now grow what I’m doing with my products and services to help people really learn the content or how to use it, or to warm them up before a sale. I can use it as a bonus when they buy a big-ticket item from me. I’ve even got the opportunity to straight out offer bonus trainings or guidance with me—and the rooms can be as big or small as I want.


I could even leverage this as a weekly small group coaching session, a mastermind where the group can converse and hold each other accountable, or use this in my acceleration programs to make it feel like a more one-on-one experience that they just can’t get while I’m teaching on a livestream inside a Facebok group where they can’t speak to me in person on air.


Leveraging Messenger Groups is a game changer for entrepreneurs and now you can do it too!


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