Instagram Is No Longer A Photo App

This week, Instagram announced they are no longer a photo app or a square-based app, but will rather be focused on video, shopping, and entertainment.

1.) Instagram is no longer specifically for photos—they'll be pushing video content.

This is because they’ve watched user activity. How long do people look at photos? Two seconds? How long do they watch video? A lot longer.

Users no longer want curated photos that look like they’re out of a magazine and could seem unattainable or staged, but rather sway toward real, raw, in-the-moment videos that allow you to get to know a creator better and connect on a deeper level.

With more watch time, that means more in-app time and the more ads marketers can run. It’s soley based around what users are actively engaged with and it’s not photos anymore in 2021.

2.) Photos aren't going anywhere.

You can still post photos. The app is just going to show more videos. So learn to do behind the scenes Reels of making the photos, showing off your businesses, etc. If you need help, I’m tell you this TOP SECRET info….I’ve got something huge I was preparing to launch later this summer for you that I’m working on bumping up for you. Just hang tight.

3.) It's no longer a square-based app because it's focusing on vertical video so that it matches the layout of your phone.

Doesn’t mean you can’t post square photos, it just means their main focus is vertical video.

4.) You don't have to adapt if you don't want to.

But look back at the last few years of social media—videos, both short and long form, as well as livestreaming, have been out-performing still imagery for years. You certainly don’t “have to” adapt as long as you’re okay with limiting yourself in terms of reach. Photos aren’t going anywhere, it’s just that video is prioritized now.

Additionally, they’re focusing on shopping. So if your photos are tied to the shopping part of the platform, those will be prioritized in feeds.

5.) If you want to see extrodinary growth, focus on Reels.

It won’t be the wild west like the TikTok algorithm was until recently where anyone could go viral at any time, but Instagram will be focusing on Reels, as well as IGTV (where they’re working on monetizing) and livestreaming (where they’re literally paying people to stream) and you’re going to see even more of a dramatic push for video content. If you want your chance to blow up, you’ve got the next few months to leverage this before everyone gets on board.

This will be your new best chance to blow up now that the TikTok algorithm has moved to followers-first format.



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