How To Screenshare on Instagram Live (Tutorial)

Screensharing on Instagram Live isn’t technically a thing, but here’s a hack to get around that + how you can share video, create your own Instagram Live webinar, and more!

Use Imagery As Slides For Your Livestreams and IG Webinars

We now have the ability to use both static images and videos as backgrounds for our livestreams by pulling them from our camera rolls on our phones.


Create Your Background

Create vertical imagery or video to use as backgrounds (see below for details and tutorials) Treat these as you would slides for a webinar.


Add To Camera Roll

Send imagery to your phone—you may need to screenshot it to trick your phone into thinking you created it there so you can pull it up from your camera roll.


Pull Up While On Air

On the bottom of your Instagram Live screen, you’ll see a box for imagery. Click on this and then scroll through your camera roll to pull up the imagery you want to use.

Pro Tip:

When you pull up imagery or video as backgrounds, if you tap on the box with your face, it will switch locations, allowing you to toggle between being big or small on the screen.

How To Create Slides For IG Live

How To Create Video For IG Live

Designing Your Backgrounds For IG Live

When creating backgrounds for you Instagram livestreams, be mindful to keep the upper right hand corner free of information as that is where your livestream box (your face) will go…yes, you have to be on screen on Instagram, there is no slide-only option.

Create slides that are 4320×7684 for your Instagram Live backgrounds.

Be aware that user comments will be on the bottom portion of the screen, so keep that area clean as well (Pro tip: use a darker color to ensure you can read user comments)

Need Premade Slides?

Make sure any video you use is in the vertical format. Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can turn horizontal video into vertical video.

It’s designed to show buttons on iMovie, but the principles apply to all video editing programs.

Instagram automatically makes any video you add into a gif, though I recommend ensuring the video will be a seamless loop if possible as the daring stop and start of the footage could be very distracting to viewers.

Audio is not a part of Instagram Live on videos shown on screen, so be mindful it will just be you speaking.

Instagram Live Facts

Instagram Lives can be saved via the app or through a tethered screen recording

Instagram Lives can be up to one hour long

Instagram Lives are now saved as IGTV videos rather than under Stories

Level Up Your Instagram Livestreams

How To Save Your IG Livestreams

Instagram Lives Hacks

New Update To IG Camera

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