5 Photos To Take For Social Media While You’re Out To Lunch

If you’re going out to lunch, why not use the opportunity to get a few photos for social media?

Here’s a few photo opportunities to think about while you’re going to, having, and leaving your lunch!

1.) Walking To/From Venue

Whether it’s walking out on the street from your car to the cafe, opening the door to the building and stepping inside, and pausing outside the building for a photo, this helps to tell the story—because your social media is all about telling the story of your day as part of your business.

When taking these images, remember, motion and movement are your friends—try not to be too posey with these photos. The movement of walking encourages people to follow along with you!

2.) Wide Shot Of the Venue

To continue telling your narrative, be sure to take a few photos of the space you’ll be spending time in.

Try to avoid too many faces in your photos.

If you can, find a pretty area over people’s heads to photograph in—it doesn’t have to be the entire space, just enough to get a feel for the vibes of the location.

3.) Meal

Though food photos tend to be criticized at times, it’s part of the story of your trip out, so it’s important to include them!

Be sure to stylize your food so it looks lifestyle-like.

If you can use a wall as a background, do it. If not, try shooting straight down and using the table as the background.

Try to be aware of any trash on the table, crumbs on the plate, etc and style your image quickly before eating.

This set up only took me a few seconds to create and photograph—my sister hadn’t even settled into her chair before I had finished and was ready to go.

4.) You In The Venue

Be sure to take a photo of you in the venue. I recommend taking a few to see which you like best.

Try to step away from any background people if you can. Walls and windows usually make for interesting pictures.

If you have an extra moment and/or someone who knows how to take photos with you, try different angles and use elements in the foreground and background to add visual interest.

5.) Candid Of You in Venue

Be sure to take a few candid photos of yourself as well. Looking out a wind, glancing down at your food, in conversation with someone—anything that’s less posed will help with your storytelling.

Use these images in your Instagram Stories that day to walk your followers through your day. Then, use the photos in your main feed—space them out to extend their reach (and repost to stories once posted to your main feed!)



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