How To Screenshare a Live Screen On TikTok (Mobile Gaming On TikTok)

TikTok now allows gamers to stream on the platform…but there are a few catches! (updates added to this article as they happen)

To use Mobile Gaming, follow these steps:

Watch the video here for easy on-screen tutorial:

1.) Open your livestream panel at the bottom toolbar of the app

2.) Toggle from Device (your phone) to Mobile Gaming

3.) From here you can select the game you want to stream—note that TikTok has forbidden any other type of screen sharing outside of a mobile game (sad news for everyone else!)

4.) Before going live, go into your settings on the bottom and add any moderators you want, set up live gifts, handle your mute settings, select keyword filters, and more.

Tutorials on setting up and working with mods on TikTok livestreams:

Update: TikTok is now warning people not to use Mobile Gaming for anything other than games or risk having your livestream access revoked.

Why Don't I See Mobile Gaming?

Originally TikTok required 18k subscribers, active livestreming on an account, etc to qualify and THEN had to be selected to receive access.

Some accounts were given access early if the app thought they’d be a good fit.

Hitting 18k subscribers doesn’t magically mean you get access—you still have to be chosen.

You can’t force the app to give you a feature…continue creating good content, show you can see an audience entertained on a normal livestream, and keep moving forward until you are given access.

Here’s a great tutorial on how to do a green screen on TikTok live!

FAQ On Mobile Gaming:

Do not forget that at this time, Mobile Gaming is exclusively for gaming, not other types of screen sharing. Violating the terms of service can get you kicked off the platform.

As of now, your livestream will pick up your mic, there is no way to mute it—your job is to explain what is happening to your audience and have a conversation with them. Silent livestreams mean viewers will leave and that’s a poor interaction in the eyes of TikTok and could result in your content being shown less.

You can’t be on screen while mobile gaming. You can’t change screens or it will automatically end your livestream.

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