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How To Create High-Converting Optin Pages With Leadpages

Learning Leadpages? Here’s what you need to know, button-for-button.

And here’s a 14 day free trial on me (I love Leadpages  so much that I affiliate with them)

How To Make Vertical Video For IGTV

The visuals in the video are specific to iMovie and QuickTime, but principles apply to all video editing programs and can be used with most programs.

How To Embed IGTV Videos

Embed your IGTV videos on your website or blog in seconds.

How To Schedule Instagram Posts Directly On Instagram

Instagram has flat out said third party apps for posting on IG will be considered bots and will be dinged in the algorithm system. Here’s a method directly through IG that won’t hurt your account.

How To Write An IG Bio That Actually Gets Sales

Most people have bios that cost them sales. Fix your bio so that you aren’t turning away customers with these quick, easy steps!

How to Run A Live Broadcast Talk Show 101

Want to interview industry leaders who can help support your clients and build your trust factor? Want to hang with celebrities? Want to do what I do? Now you can!

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