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Wondering what programs I use or recommend? Here’s my recs, equipment list, and more!

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Live Broadcasting Platforms


Live broadcasting platform for Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube.

With word overlays, custom branding, and up to four people/screens on air (up to ten waiting to go on air) I highly recommend BeLive. I use it for all of my live broadcasts and people ask me nearly every single time I’m on air what program I use. The features they offer are amazing and so easy to use, and their innovation is always cutting edge. Highly recommend working with them (and customer support is fantastic!)

Messenger Bots (FB Automation)


Facebook Messenger bots used to automate your page, deliver freebies (like your newsletter) connect to live broadcasts to drop info while you’re on air, create interactive, choose-your-own-adventure games, and more.

This is the tool that got me noticed and interviewed by Facebook for a spotlight on my innovative work in the industry. I teach on bots all the time. There isn’t a single program I recommend more than this one. It saves SO many hours every week answer FAQ for me and directing my fans and clients tot he right places without me having to invest my time on things that could be automated, while still giving my clients a HIGHLY personal experience.

Email Service Providers


This is my favorite newsletter company. Use this to send weekly newsletters out to your clients and fans.

Now that MailChimp has taken away all the good features, I highly recommend ConvertKit, as their integrations are awesome, the interface is (fairly) easy to use, and it’s perfect for your company to grow with. I use this for my own newsletter!

Opt-in Page Builders


This is a drag-and-drop platform to create higher-converting opt-in pages for your newsletter, website, giveaways, etc

Creating option pages that actually get people to take action its hard. The built-in opt-ins on email service providers are never “good enough” and you should always be building your own landing pages. Leadpages has studied the industry, and I educate on creating converting opt-in all the time. This is my tool of choice!

Check Out Carts


Check out cart that allows you to use upsell funnels.

I love this check out cart because I can create funnels with it. If a client doesn’t want to add a more expensive item, they can add a cheaper item. It goes through a flow of several options to add on to their initial purchase and it encourages them t spend just a little bit more money with me that equates to a lot of extra money in my pocket at the end of the day when most of them grab at least one upsell.

YouTube Helper


Up your game on YouTube and get more views

I use TubeBuddy to find keywords and do SEO research for my channel to help my videos go viral, but they also allow you to do a ton of work on your Chanel with just a few clicks. Can’t say enough good things about how helpful this platform is!

Copywriting For Content Creation

Pro Writing Aid

Grammar editor to fix typos, help with grammar, etc

Don’t ever trust Word’s spelling/grammar check. It’s horrific. Always use a program like ProWriting Aid, but then double check it with an actual proof readers, as all editing programs miss some things.

ProWriting Aid will help you with writing stronger content and catching grammar and spelling  mistakes.


Wacom Intuos Pro

This is an editing tablet that basically works like a computer mouse but functions like and is held like a pen, saving strain on your wrist and enabling you to work much faster on your computer.

Whether you’re a photographer editing photos, an author writing a book, or another type of entrepreneur running your business from your computer, this will save you from major wrist injuries. It takes a minute to get comfortable using it, but once you do, you’ll never be able to use a mouse or track pad again. It comfortable, easy, and speeds up all of your computer work. Can’t recommend enough!

Design Programs

Adobe Suite CC (Photoshop/Indesign/Premiere)

Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Premiere, and more for photo, video, and design work

If you have some design skills, this one is for you! There’s definitely a steep learning curve with this one, so youtube tutorials will be your friend, but the second it clicks for you, it’s the simplest—and more effective—tool you can use.

Even if you’re a beginning, this should be your end goal.

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Cameras, Lighting, Tripods, Etc

Canon Rebel 6

Photo and video camera

This is a great starter camera to use for photos for social media and websites, video recording that gives you a higher-end look. The Rebel line was the first camera I used when I started my business and I highly recommend it as a cheap, functional option if you’re new to the photography world.

Canon 60D

Photo and video camera

This is my favorite camera, and while an older model, it has all of the best functions. This has a much higher-end look to the imagery, especially when you learn how to use the manual settings, and the screen pops out and swivels to aid in taking shots at very high or low angles or while filming your videos or setting up your self portraits so you can see yourself and where you are on screen. Highly recommend.

Canon 5D MarkIII

Photo and video camera

If you know what you’re doing with professional cameras, there’s none better than the Mark III….but you already know that if you have the skills to use this. Highly recommend.

Video Camera

Photo and video camera

Just looking to shoot video? This is the camera for you—with a flip out screen so you can see yourself, you’ll be ready to go!

SD Card

Photo and video camera

If you know what you’re doing with professional cameras, there’s none better than the Mark III….but you already know that if you have the skills to use this. Highly recommend.

Remote Shutter Release

Allows you to take photos on your camera from a distance for self portraits, product images, or thumbnails

I would be lost without my remote shutter release. it’s wireless, allowing me to use it to focus my camera before I take self portraits or film my videos. If you’re using a camera, no matter what brand, find a good wireless remote shutter release for it…you’ll thank me later.


Holds your camera so you can keep it steady for product photos or use to take self portraits for social media imagery

This is perfect for mounting your camera on while taking photos for your social media or filming your videos. This is also great if you’re doing product photography adn need to move your products around to get all of the angles but don’t want to change anything else in the background.

Table Tripod

Holds your cell phone so you can keep it steady for product photos or use to take self portraits for social media imagery—great for live broadcasts so you don’t have to hold cell.

I use this exact table top tripod every time I Instagram Live to hold my camera steady and avoid shaky footage (and exhausted arms) Love this brand!

Table Tripod Posable

Holds your cell phone so you can keep it steady for product photos or use to take self portraits for social media imagery—great for live broadcasts so you don’t have to hold cell. Posable.

I use this posable tripod to hang my phone off of things when I’m on location filming, or to do overhead recording if I’m teaching something that the viewers needs to see what I’m doing from overhead, like cooking, candle making, crafting, etc Not the best for straight on filming because it can be hard to get it to be level, so I recommend the tripod above for that.

Ring Light

Add natural-looking light to your photos and videos

I use this for all of my live broadcasts and many of my indoor photos to add natural-looking light to my images even though I’m inside. Couldn’t functions without this.

Umbrella Light

Add natural-looking light to your photos and videos

I started with umbrella lights in my business before I added ring lights in. These are great for product photography, and take up less space than the ring light when packed up and moved.

Ring Light Phone

Add natural-looking light to your photos and videos

This clips on your phone without damaging the screen to add light to your selfies or when you’re taking on-location video footage and you need a pop of light. I carry mine in my bag with me.


Bounce natural light in on-location photos or product photographs.

This 5-1 reflector is amazing for bouncing natural light to illuminate your photos better. It also contains a diffuser if you’re on-location and the light is too bright. Highly recommend! 

Background Stand

Rig to hold backgrounds for your self portraits, product photography, or video work.

This is cost effective, light weight, easy to put up and down, and allows for you to use a variety of backdrops for your photos and videos. I own several of these.


Yeti Mic

Microphone for podcasts, lives, and course recordings 

I love my Blue Yeti Mic for recording classes, doing podcasts and live broadcasts, etc. It’s top-notch quality, easy to use, and super functional. There are a number of different types of mics they make, but this is the one I personally use in my business.

Mic Cover

Create better audio from your mic

Certain letters tend to sound bad on recordings but a covering like this helps to prevent the plosive sounds while recording your audio.

Shock Mount

Prevent your mic from picking up unnecessary sounds in the room like tapping or bumping the table

This is super important for stabling your audio and making sure your audio is consistent by preventing vibrations from the room while recording.

Mic Stand

Use this to get your mic off your table or desk for better audio

Clamp arms can damage your table so here’s the most amazing stand I’ve found that’s weighted enough that it doesn’t tip but is easy enough to move around as needed without unclamping things.

Looking for recommendations on something else? Let em know where and I’ll do a little investigating for you!

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