Did you know bad thumbnails can keep your videos from being watched? 

People judge books by their covers and videos by their thumbnails…if your video doesn’t look high-end and niche-specific, your video will be over looked by viewers even if the content is amazing. You don’t have to struggle with your thumbnails any more!

  • Taught by a professional for people who aren’t professionals
  • Works with whatever equipment or programs you use (you don’t need a fancy camera or Photoshop experience)
  • Learn the difference between YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and IGTV thumbnails and why one thumbnail design won’t work for them all (+ how to tweak your main thumbnail to save work)
  • Bonus photo posing charts so you never have to guess about what to do again
  • Your price: $59.99 $19.99 (for a limited time only)

Learn how to create industry-specific thumbnails that will catch the attention of more viewers

Worried about the technology?

Whether you know…

Photoshop OR Canva

Whether you work with…

A Professional Camera OR A Cell Phone

Whether your putting your videos/livestreams on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, or a combination of these platforms…

This course will covers you with information that crosses platform and equipment lines.

You can thrive with this course if you’re a beginner using a cell phone or a seasons professional who has been working with pro cameras and Photoshop for the last decade because the tips are practical, not software-specific.

Never struggle over how to pose again.

Not only do we have a discussion on best practices for your photos, how I get 25 photos in 20 seconds, etc, but you also get printable posing charts you can check off as you go so you don’t have to pose yourself—just do what’s on the chart and walk away with over 80 poses in a matter of minutes.

1. Thumbnail Design Techniques

Learn best industry practices for creating your thumbnails from a long-time professional photographer and designer even if you’re a beginner.

2. How To Take Photos For Thumbnails

From cell phones to professional cameras, learn lighting, posing, and photography techniques to get better imagery for your thumbnails so they stand out on the platform.

3. What To Write On Thumbnails

The words you put on your thumbnails are the most important part, and if you get it wrong, it will cost you views. Learn when to write emotional-trigger words, titles, or something else on your thumbnails to get more views.

4. Facebook vs YouTube vs Instagram vs IGTV

You can’t use the exact same thumbnail on each platform because they perform very differently—learn what types of thumbnails work on what platforms and how to make simple tweaks so you can save yourself a ton of time and effort making them platform-specific without a total redesign.

5. Technology and Equipment

Technology can be intimidating—here’s what you need to know at your level, where to grow, and how to thrive with what you’ve got access to now.