Topics I’m Known For Speaking On…

Video Production For Business

Leveraging Instagram Reels and TikToks (Short Form Vertical Content)

Let me help make short form video content creation easy with strategic plans, creation shortcuts, and algorithm insights

Camera Confidence/Fear-Free Filming

Whether you despise the camera or love it, here’s how to navigate the growing need for video content with and without showing your face

How To Grow Your Community Through Livestreaming Without Complicated Technology

How to create a livestream show without complicated or pricey technology even on the go

How To Simplify Your Livestream Process to Grow Conversations

Creating effective livestreams that build trust, community, and conversations

Stress-Free Content Creation

Understanding and Working With The Social Media Algorithms

The social algorithms aren’t out to get you and don’t have to be scary…learning how they work makes creating content for them much easier

Easy Content Creation (To Avoid Burn Out)

How to create and repurpose content effectively to save time, energy, and stress with intentional strategy to make the most out of the creation process for later use

The Five Minute Rule (Content Creation)

How to create daily short form vertical content in five minutes start to finish 

Content Creation For Highly-Productive People

Content creation strategy and implementation for high-producing creators and how to manage the naysayers effectively 

Growing Authority in Your Industry

Creating A Business Book For Your Brand

Why and how to professionally write and produce a business book for your brand to help build authority, sell more products, and grow your following form a multi-time bestselling author

Becoming an Authority In Your Industry

How to grow your authority and leadership in your industry or niche, building backable social proof, and how to become a thought leader to build your authenticity

Building A Highly Engaged Platform

How to select your platform(s) and build them quickly for effective communication within your growing community

How To Build A Course In A Week

Easily create a grow a paid course inside your business in a week to offer to clients

Navigating Business

The Soloprenuer: Running Your Business Entirely On Your Own

How to navigate business when you don’t have a team, a business partner, or a supportive life partner from someone who’s done it for two decades alone

The Single Entrepreneur

Helping single entrepreneurs navigate business without a partner’s support, handling the trials of solo entrepreneurhood, and managing a business and love life while also making time for yourself

How To Influence In The Age Of Influencers

How to stand out in a world of other content creators, get brands to seek you out for representation, and what to be aware of in the industry to grow and avoid red flags

The Art Of Managing Two Business At Once

Running two business can be complicated—let’s talk practical strategies for effectively running both businesses without letting things fall through the cracks or burning out

I also speak on other topics as well! If you need something not shown here related to social media marketing, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, livestreaming, business management, content creation, or community and engagement growth, please reach out to me to see what we can come up with for your platform or stage!

There are slightly different versions of these presentations for stage/livestream events/podcasts and will be adapted to your specific audience.

While the core information of the presentations will be the same, each presentation is unique and specifically delivered for the unique audience listening (ex: the wedding industry will have specific insights, strategies, etc for wedding professionals, while combat conventions will have specific examples, strategies, and insights for combat businesses)