Student Quotes

(and other nice sayings!)

“Because of K.M.’s courses I’ve successfully grown my audience on social media. Engagement has tripled, and I’m getting more work than I know what to do with! Definitely recommend the courses. Not only is my engagement through the roof, but I have companies seeking me out. I don’t have to look for work—they find me!”-Dawn Desroches, candle maker

“My Instagram account has grown ten-fold since I learned the tricks of the trade from K.M. Robinson. My photography wouldn’t be what it is without her Book Styling Photography course. I also received one on one instruction and critiques after the course. Her photography tips were imperative to the success I’ve had on Instagram.”-Connie R, instagrammer

“I bought K.M.’s newsletter course and sent out my first newsletter this morning. It looks amazing, was easy to do, and my newsletter has already generated direct interest in under an hour. I don’t want to say too much and give away K.M.’s secrets, but this was the best thing I’ve done for my author platform in a long time!”-Melanie McFarlane, author

“My social media reach was almost nonexistent before I met K.M. I struggled with most of the platforms and had no understanding of how to use Instagram effectively, or the importance of consistency within the programs. K.M. not only gave me the knowledge to expand my social reach, but also the support while doing it. Because of her, my social media is grabbing people’s attention. People are beginning to notice me and my brand! And it’s only up from here thanks to K.M.!”-Melanie Gilbert, author

“Prior to the courses, I’d post something and hope someone would notice it, but K.M. taught me how to make it so they HAD to notice and felt inclined to engage with me. Now I’m told they love me and my brand because I’m so down to earth.” -Elissa Carr, candle maker

“I took K.M.’s facebook bot training after spending way too long trying to decide whether it would be useful for me, and I just wish I’d taken it sooner! I hugely underestimated what you can do with a bot, and am buzzing with ideas after the training. The teaching was clear and easy to follow, and covered even more than I hoped it would. I’d really recommend the class to anyone interested in setting up a facebook bot.”-Helena Rookwood

“If I hadn’t taken K.M. Robinson’s course, no way would my social media have grown, but most importantly, my engagement!”-Elle Beaumont, author

“Even though I approached her very last minute, K.M. was the epitome of a true professional, and her work was absolutely gorgeous. She put up with my barrage of emails with humor and grace, and went over and above the call of duty. I cannot stress enough how thrilled I am with the level of work Katie provided. She not only does the job, she makes sure she knows exactly what you want, then goes even further to give you what you didn’t even realize you wanted.” -Jodie Andrefski, author

She is a joy to work with and consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend her services.”-Jennifer Anne Davis, author

“K.M. is brilliant when it comes to styling products, and her photographs are stunning. But I don’t need to tell you that–the photos speak for themselves. What’s more, she is prompt, professional, responsive, and warm. It is a true joy working with her” -Pintip Dunn, author

“This past weekend, I had my first market of the season and I had people come up to me saying they followed me on social media and that’s why they came out! They also scooped up my product — without my social media being active I would have missed out on those sales!”-Elissa Carr, candle maker

“This course has not only opened my eyes to great ways I’ve been wanting to make my branding more dynamic, but also in new and fun ways I hadn’t ever dreamed of before. Highly recommend.” -Courtney Sloane, author

“K.M. really challenged me to think about pulling my ideas and books together into a real, authentic and resonant author brand. I feel like my marketing is now happening within a wider brand framework, with consistency and visual power.” -S.D. Wasley, author

“She’s passionate, creative, supportive, and generous. I’m thrilled to work with her and be part of her Community.” -Lisa Brown Roberts, author

“If you’re an author, self-published or otherwise, you’ve already learned that reviews are the life-blood of your independent marketing push. But how do you conjure them out of the aether? Short of sacrificing a chicken and hoping the elder gods smile upon your manuscript, there are strategies toward identifying, establishing, and maintaining relationships with quality book bloggers and reviewers. K.M. Robinson’s course corrals these strategies all into one easy-to-ingest stream of beer-battered info nuggets. By the end of the month you’ll have a plan in place, and you might have made a friend or two along the way.” -J.P. Sloane, author

“K.M. created some gorgeous photos with my book’s cover. The photos were so visually appealing and put a gorgeous spotlight on my cover. They attracted attention immediately on Twitter and Instagram!” -Tegan Wren, author

“K.M.’s Blogger course was highly enlightening! K.M. is a wonderful, patient instructor who is generous with her ideas as well as time to ensure everyone understands the courses. She goes the extra length as far as helping/teaching goes. I highly recommend this course!” -Sissy Lu, blogger

“Without K.M. I never would be where I am today! Stores contacting ME saying they’d love me to be a part of their store.”-Willow Ridge Candles

“K.M.’s Blogger Bootcamp has been pivotal in helping me reinvent my blog and has also helped awaken long idle creativity. Not only am I now able to create more visually appealing blog posts, I am already seeing the potential for higher reader views. I recommend this bootcamp to anyone ready to take their blog to the next level.”-Candace Carpenter, blogger

“You’re always so helpful. You’re like the fairy god-princess of writers.”-Carrie Anne, author

“Every time I release a book with a cover done by K.M. Robinson, I always get loads of compliments on how beautiful and professionally done the cover is. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people say that they want to read the book just for the cover alone!” -J.M. Sullivan, author

“K.M.’s Blogger Bootcamp offers quick and simple lessons delivering practical knowledge that translate into polished results. The small group setting and hands on help made each lesson easily achievable for even the most novice student like me. Well worth your time.” -Sophia Rose, blogger

“K.M. has an eye for design. From concept to color to font, her designs are always so cohesive!” -Amber R. Duell, author

“The Blogger Bootcamp course was super informative and very helpful! K.M. was a magical teacher with wonderful ideas and ways to improve your blog. If you need help with your blog, I highly recommend K.M.’s blogger course!” -Alexis Johnson, blogger

“K.M.’s design work is professional, detailed, and full of love. She seeks to truly capture the spirit of the novel and is incredibly responsive to feedback, not to mention super generous!” Carrie Ann, author

Laura Clark headshot circle

“K.M. is thoughtful, generous, and dedicated. Her commitment to supporting authors is astounding. She is an inspiration to all creatives.”-Laura Clark, author

“K.M. delivered a one of a kind logo for my book series in record time. Miss Robinson has an eye for detail and I will surely be using her talented services again.” Chrissy S, author

“When I saw the cover for my anthology I was blown away. And my other readers love the cover she designed for my short story.”-Constance Roberts, author

“It’s all about the hashtags! Thankful I took K.M.’s advice on proper hashtags because my engagement tripled when I began to use the right ones. It’s allowed for people to find my business easier which has led to wholesale orders and event requests!”-Willow Ridge Candles

“I’ve taken the training myself, and it’s exploded my newsletter subscribers on AUTOMATE and has given me a MESSENGER SUBSCRIBER audience. Like, on release days, I can MESSAGE THEM like I would use a newsletter. 

YOU GUYYYYSS. Do you know how amazing that is?! 

She doesn’t usually offer training for authors anymore and has made an exception for me as a favor after I BEGGED her. Get in while you can, or you may miss the opportunity to get ahead of the competition in an EPIC way! I made a POINT not to miss this one the last time she did it because I knew it was THAT important!”-Rebecca Hamilton, author + coach

“K.M. Robinson’s Newsletter course was full of information and ideas I never have expected. The course gave me the inspiration, direction, drive, and confidence to grow my reader list. Her knowledge of the social media industry is invaluable.” – Constance Roberts, author

“If you think social media isn’t important, think again! Honestly, I’m having businesses and events contacting me left and right because ‘they saw me on IG/FB’ ! I’m so grateful for K.M.’s courses because I never would have been this successful without them.”-Willow Ridge Candles

“For the past month I have been posting a weekly blog post, sending out newsletters, and my street team is growing and slowly becoming more active. Thank you for all your tools that have helped me get things running smoothly.I am beginning to get into a little routine, which is helpful.I have noticed that the blog reads are going up each week since I started posting regularly.”-Sabrina Ramoth, author




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