Mentoring with K.M. Robinson

Look at you, making the smart decisions to grow your business!

Each quarter, I take on four brand owners to mentor for three months.

I also offer group coaching, private niched coaching, and more!

Please note, these are just the staple things I offer—I also build custom packages for clients, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out and see what custom options I have for you!

3 Month Mentoring

*Action Plan for one social platform

*4 weekly content topics per month

*1 hour video call during first week of every month

*3 half hour calls on second, third, and fourth weeks of every month

*Account critique

*Content plan for each month

Livestream Action Plan

*Monthly Action Plan for one big, important livestream per month 

*Monthly magazine for help with social media

*Topics for supplemental livestreams

*Group coaching


Livestream Accelerator Program

*1 hour call 

*2 half hour calls

*Livestream SEO checks

*Thumbnail oversight

*Weekly livestream action plan

*Repurposing oversight

*Level 2: I run your livestream studio

Private Livestream Coaching

*Set up YouTube SEO

*Help find keywords

*Help with topics

Private Instagram Coaching

*Help with asthetic

*Hashtag Lists

*Stories Action Plan

$3000 for three months

$49.99 per month

$500 per month (+$500 for Level 2)

$500 for 2 hour call (+ prep work)

$500 for 2 hour call (+ prep work)

Interested? I don’t take on any new clients until we have a quick 5-15 minute conversation to make sure it’s the right fit for your business. These are just a few of the thing I offer, and sometimes I build custom packages for people to suit their needs…even if you don’t see exactly what you need, reach out and tell me what you need and I’ll see what might work for you as a custom mentorship.



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