The skills that will help you!

I’ve been running my own businesses successfully for the last seventeen years (yes, I was a teenager when I started my first web design business!) Here are some of the skills I’ve acquired along the way to help my students and clients grow their businesses + a look at some of the things I’ve created that can help you create a more profitable brand within your own business:


I’ve been creating step-by-step and button-for-button trainings, courses, and webinars for many years. Whether it’s live or prerecorded, I can teach just about anything in the simplest of terms (my education background doesn’t hurt either!)

From concept, to lesson plans and content break down, to supplemental bonuses and extras, to button-for-button tutorials, graphic design, technology, production, teaching, and marketing, I create these courses from start to finish entirely on my own.

I’ve been a designer for  seventeen years and have done everything from websites to PDFs. In these PDFs, I educate students on different topics, in an professionally attractive, easy-to-read-and-digest way. Designing graphics for clients is part of my dailly routine.

I also create composite imagery both in my photographic art, for book covers, or for advertisements, making each piece look realistic and believable, even if set in a world outside of the one we know. I’ve been designing composite art professionally for ten years and can create hundred-layer images in as little as an hour.

These are speed edits of several book covers I created where I created a composite image from many different images in an hour on a live broadcast.

Creating book trailers have been incredibly important for my author clients. Keeping the message, short, concise, and entertaining, while stills trying both industry and genre-specific is imperative.

I also have a good deal of experience creating physical products, from custom boxes, to bookmarks and pins, to trading cards, brochures, stickers, jewelry, clothing, and more!

My design work also extends to organizational products and items that help entrepreneurs run their businesses from a technical standpoint.

Most of what I teach in my business is done through video or live video.

This video was #3 on YouTube for Instagram Hacks recently.

This video is currently my most watched video on my 2-week-old channel and is getting a ton of great engagement and shares while promoting a free PDF I created as a gift to my students in part of my on boarding sequence for my weekly newsletter on profitable social media strategy.

This video is a click-for-click tutorials of a company I’m affiliated with and recommend to my own students. It shows on screen exactly what to do to set up a Leadpages option page AND gives tips on what makes them convert better for clients.

After six years of producing and hosting educational broadcasts and live talk shows, I can do any interview without prep time and teach any new program or task with only a few minutes to get my visuals ready..

This is a recent live broadcast tutorial on how to use location tags on instagram for entrepreneurs

My photography and videography work is also used to show off products or houses like these.

I’m known in the industry from my innovative use of Facebook Messenger bots, specifically in developing quizzes and interactive, choose-your-own-adventure games. Facebook interviewed me for a spot light because of how uniquely I used bots within Facebook and I got a ton of press in the book world for the interactive games I created for my books. This is one of the quizzes fans loved where I put them through a game and their answers determined which retelling book they should read next.

I’ve been doing in-person speaking and teaching engagements for many years in addition to appearances on live broadcasts, podcasts, and in pre recorded videos and course material for other entrepreneurs, literary events, and social media companies.

Upcoming speaking and signing appearances: Penned Con, New York Comic Con, MerMagic Con

I’ve appeared at multiple book signings and author events, both educationally and as the featured author. I’ve also assisted in setting up these events, as well as banquets, galas, black tie functions, etc 

In the past, I’ve also designed and assembled an entire banquet (decor, food, programs, etc and hosted the event) within 24 hours for companies who decided to put on event at the last minute.

For the last decade, I’ve been doing one-on-one mentorships for businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their brands, as well as small group masterminds. I’ve hosted live broadcast and closed door critiques of social media platforms, websites, newsletters, groups, etc to help identify areas that could be made stronger, and flesh out brand-specific directions business owners needed to focus on to grow.



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