Hey! Nice to meet you!

I love when new friends pop in to say hello!

Most people drop by to see how I can help them, which is awesome because I love helping!

I started webdesigning professionally seventeen years ago.

My college degree is in elementary education…I love teaching!

After I graduated, I started my photography and design businesses.

That evolved into educating photographers, authors, and professional mermaids.

Now, I’m a social media strategist who has been interviewed by Facebook and other companies for my innovative work in the field. I’ve represented the USA in a major World Social Media Day broadcast. I speak at events for major social media innovative companies. I’m also a best-selling fiction author!

My goal is to educate, empower, and equip you to build a profitable business through smart social media marketing.

I also design couture dresses for my clients to wear during their photoshoots. I adore fashion!

I’ve even made dresses out of newspaper for a Reading Transforms series where I turned models into princesses, villains, and book characters with newspaper dresses.

I own a mermaid tail (that’s what I get for teaching prof mermaids social media strategy!)

I’m puppy mommy to three dogs (yes, that’s a lot of fur to sweep every day!)

If I could have a job other than what I already do, it would be to be a Disney Princess (and if you have Disney connections, we need to be best friends!)

And I used to be really good at talking myself into backstage passes at every concert I went to when I was growing up…probably a good thing I haven’t gone to one since college or I’d be living on the road!

I use all fo the training I’ve learned from the fun things I’ve listed here to help YOU learn to market better (didn’t see that connect coming, did you?)

PS want to know how being a puppy mom or owning a mermaid tail helps me teach you how to do social media? Join my weekly Ask Me Anything broadcasts on Facebook Live every Wednesday and ask me!

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