How Send Instagram Livestreams To IGTV And Main Feed

A Click-for-click Tutorial for IG Livestreams

Instagram now allows us to send our livestreams to IGTV where they can live forever instead of only 24 hours on our Stories feed. We’re also given the option of sending a preview to our main feed to get even more engagement!

Here’s how to works!


Once your livestream has been ended, you’ll see options to either Share to IGTV or Delete Video.

If your livestream was just for fun and you don’t need fans seeing it alter, go ahead and delete it—this will train them to show up while you’re live instead of just expecting to Catcha. replay.

If your livestream is something you want people to be able to go back and watch, share it to IGTV.

Once you’ve selected to send it to your IGTV feed, you’ll be asked to select a cover image. Instagram will give you the option of scrolling through your entire footage to find a frame you like BUT DON’T EVER DO THIS.

You’re better than that and your followers deserve better too!

Before you go live, create a thumbnail. Remember, this is going on your main feed in an upcoming step, so keep thumbnail aligned with your main feed aesthetic.

Keep your main content in the center because only the main square will be shown on your main feed.

Once you’ve got your thumbnail, click Add from Camera Roll.

Add your title and description. Remember, your title is the first part of your caption not he main feed, so make it an engaging question, followed by the rest of your caption.

Pro tips: you can insert clickable links into IGTV videos, so leverage this. You can also @ mention other people—it won’t tag them as you type so you’ll need to know their handle and it will be clickable once it’s posted.

Don’t forget hashtags!

I recommend posting a preview to your main feed so people can see it. This is a great way to maximize your engagement and views.

Instagram now allows us to create series—just like playlists on Youtube—so start organizing your IGTV feed with series.

Give Instagram as much information as possible so they know when to recommend your content to the right people on the platform.

Create a series name and description, keeping in mind you can use links here.

Once you have series created, you’ll be able to select what series you want your video to go into.

You have the option of creating new series as well.

Once your video is out, market it! You can even send the sample of it on your main feed to your Instagram Stories or you can select the IGTV video directly from your IGTV feed to send to your Stories to get that added boost of engagement!


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