Get Involved In The Talk Show, Podcast, and Bonus Episodes/Trainings


The Social Media For Bosses Video Talk Show, Podcast, and bonus videos/trainings all contain unique content to help my followers grow their businesses through smart social media marketing, business practices, and marketing strategies.

If you can help them grow, I want you on the shows!


Most episodes are filmed before they’re published, though occasionally we do livestream events with our guests.

For pre-recorded videos, we’ll set a time during the week that matches both our schedules and record your show episodes. The talk show and the podcast contain different content, so if we’re filming an episode of each, we can film them back-to-back.

For livestreams, we meet 20 minutes before for mic check.

When you contact me, we’ll work on the schedule for recording. Please note, some livestream events will have set schedules and if you can’t make those times, you’ll have to wait to participate in another event.


You can join me through your laptop (preferred) or cell phone (must be propped up and not hand-held) by clicking the link I give you once we’ve set the recording time.

All you have to do is give it permission to use your camera and microphone.

You have the ability to screen share through a computer if you need it for your lesson.

It’s as easy as that! A few clicks and you’re in!


Talk show episodes are about 15-20 minutes long.

Podcast episodes are 20-60 minutes long, aiming for half an hour.

Bonus episodes can range from 20-60 minutes (unless it’s a collaboration webinar or training, in which case it might run longer to answer as many audience questions as possible)


Each week, we discuss a new topic with social media/marketing/business guests. New episodes are released every Sunday at 2pm EST.

Who Can Be A Guest: Strategists, coaches, consultants, educators, etc

Especially looking for: Pinterest experts, TikTok experts, Facebook group experts, affiliate marketing experts, etc


Each week, we discuss a new topic with social media/marketing/business guests. New episodes are released every Thursday.

All episodes are video filmed so I can use a snippet as promo on social media, but the podcast itself is audio-only (a.k.a. be prepared to be on video even though the podcast itself is audio)

Who Can Be A Guest: Strategists, coaches, consultants, educators, business coaches, content creation experts, etc


Want to teach special mini classes inside of my masterminds, courses, trainings, membership sites, etc? I want you to join me and educate my students so they learn what you have to teach while getting to know another great expert who can help them grow!

Who Can Be A Guest: Strategists, coaches, consultants, educators

**Please note that all of our shows are family-friendly as many of our fans listen/watch with their kids in the room, so we ask for professional language while we’re recording to make sure it’s accessible to all listeners as they’re available to consume the content.

YouTube Talk Show

Podcast Show


Want to be on one (or more) of the shows?

I need to hear from you!

Email me with your topic, the bullet points you wish to discuss, why you think it would be a good episode for my followers, and bonus points for connecting it to content I’ve already created for cross marketing when we promote the episode!

Want To Pitch Yourself To Be On An Episode?

If you’d like to join me for an episode of the talk show, podcast, or bonus videos, send in the following information to see if my audience is a good fit for you!



What you teach to your people:

Episode Topic:

Main points of topic (give me the bullet points of what you want to speak on) list:

Any freebies you’d like to give away—this is not required:

Link to website:

Link to blog post you’ve written on similar topic—not required:

Link to video/audio where I can hear how you speak and interact with an audience:


I do need to see work you’ve done before to know you’ll be able to handle being on one of my shows. It can be your own content—I just need to see that you’re capable of teaching your topic.

**Please also note which of the  talk show, podcast, or bonuses videos you want to be a part of. You can volunteer for all of these, but please remember each one must be unique content (can’t all be the exact same topic, but can branch off of each other…for example, a financial coach did a talk show episode on budgeting for social media ads and then immediately did a bonus training on paying yourself as an entrepreneur—the content works together but isn’t the same thing) so I know where to place you. If you’d like to be involved in bonus content, I will let you know where I might be able to fit you in, so you don’t have to be super-specific on content types for that one.

*Please note, not all pitches are accepted—I’m looking for the best fits for my students right now. If your pitch isn’t accepted this time, try another topic, or revisit with the same topic at a later date when it’s more relevant to what I’m teaching at the time. I’m also happy to help refine your pitch so that it’s more in alignment with what my audience needs from this platform right now!

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Looking to sponsor an episode? Email me at


Fantastic! I can’t wait to hear from you!

If you still need to do a little research on my platforms, hit up

Can’t wait for your email, friend! I’m excited to chat with you!



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