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I’m best-selling author and social media educator K.M. Robinson!

I’ve been using ProWritingAid with my brand and I love the program, which is why I’m thrilled to work with you to grow your platform in a meaningful way!

Let’s take a look at a few things I’ve done in the past that translate into a plan that can help you grow and get better engagement on social media, and lead to more customers!

YouTube Campaign For Course Sales

33,697 views currently

25,736 views currently

12,185 views currently

I have many paid courses and programs I offer to my students—I use YouTube as a way to reach new members.

These are a few videos in my series on Social Media Livestreaming that lead into my Livestream Action Plan course and membership.

Without running any ads to my YouTube videos, I’ve had 20,000+ views on many of my videos, some are currently at 30,000+ views. These recorded and live-streamed videos on my channel have directly resulted in significant course sales, product sales, affiliate sales, consultations and mentorship bookings in my business, as well as having companies sponsor me or hire be for content plans or audits of their social media work.

Leveraging bingable content in the form of educational series, interactive livestreams, etc I’ve been able to build an active following. My content engagement has grown significantly due to title and keyword optimization, thumbnail optimization, and actionable direction inside of the videos. 

I’ve helped many other creators grow their YouTube platforms with these methods as well, and it’s one of the most-talked about sections of my Livestream Action Plan course with my members.

I’ve worked with several incredible companies to help them redirect their efforts on YouTube to grow their platforms, and I’ve even been asked to teach what I taught them to their members through live convention speaking positions, exclusive courses, and blog article series.


Episode 6—If you could cosplay any book character, who would it be and why? ##authorconvos##booktok##askanauthor##amreading##amwriting

♬ original sound - K.M. Robinson, YA Author

82,268 views currently with 21,900 favorites


Author Convos Episode 18—when characters kiss the wrong person. How do you get over this? ##authorconvos##booktok##amreading##amwriting

♬ original sound - K.M. Robinson, YA Author

7306 views currently with 1697 favorites


Author Convos Episode 22—when readers discover signed copies and book boxes! What’s your fav type of swag? ##authorconvos##booktok##anreading##amwriting

♬ original sound - K.M. Robinson, YA Author

1206 views currently with 340 favorites within one hour of posting

TikTok Campaign For Book Sales

Author Convos is a parody series I’ve been running on TikTok in daily episodes that has been doing well with viewers and has resulted in quadrupling my book sales on all platforms without me doing anything other than adding TikTok to my marketing plan—I’ve gone viral multiple times resulting in 70k+ views on many of my videos. I get books orders and massive newsletter subscribers daily directly from my work on TikTok.

As of a week ago, the first 17 episodes of the Author convos series had yielded 116,015 total views and 983 hours, 15 minutes, and 36 seconds of watch time. This number has increased daily with additional views on those first 17 episodes and more episodes have launched since.

My TikTok is flooded with author, writing, and publishing questions—TikTok is 100% a place ProWritingAid needs to be leveraging strongly—so many new writers are not only on the platform but actively learning from it instead of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube where they used to look.

Book Ads Yields 33,000 Downloads of A Single Book In Less Than 24 Hours

Several years ago, I ran a campaign for my debut novel which consisted of running ads on various book platforms like BookBub, Robin Reads, etc mixed with organic social media marketing for a week. 

Within the first two hours, I had 27,000 downloads of the book and 33,000 by the next day, which then grew for the duration of the week. This also resulted in many additional downloads of the remaining books in the series and books from my other series. 

Many of them are still at the top of the charts to this day years after the fact.

The Young Adult Edition weekly livestream talk show has offered viewers the opportunity to speak with best-selling and award-winning authors and industry leaders in real-time to ask questions, learn, and grow. We’ve had guests like A.G. Howard, Elise Kova, Sarah K.L. Wilson, Disney Animators that created The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, industry leaders, and more join me on air!


Talk Show



The social media algorithms lean heavily into video and live video right now, so my priority would be to work with video, livestream interviews and talk shows, tutorials, and author conversations, gifs and shorts to grow your following. 

As a professional designer, photographer, and videographer, I can create epic content for your social media platforms in both video and imagery formats. My author-world contacts will be exceptional for reaching out to industry leaders to join us for educational and conversational content on the platforms. 

Given my extensive knowledge of the social platforms, early knowledge of upcoming changes and features—I’m usually one of the first to break these things in the social media educational world—and the ability to take action quickly, I can help you stay on the cutting edge of social media technology and strategy.


I have flexibility in my schedule now that my business is mostly on autopilot and can run without constant oversight, so 40 hours a week is easily accommodated. I typically make $30 an hour for consultations with my clients. I’m willing to discuss this if you’d prefer to make other accommodations.

I can bring a lot to the table to work with your company and believe this is a wonderful service offered to your clients (and my students) and believe investing my time with you will be beneficial to growing your community and educating my students at the same time.

I look forward to bringing my connections in the industries to you for collaboration and am excited to see how we can move forward together.

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