Let Me Create Custom Reels/TiKTok/Lemon8/YouTube Content With you!

3 Months of

 Video Scripts | Captions | Hashtag Help

30 minute consultation where we discuss your business’s goals for the next three months so we can align your content

Dossier of 36 videos to film (3 per week)

Customizable caption file for the platform we’re creating for

Hashtag suggestions for each video

Dossier will include video topics, scripts when applicable, and potential background music options when applicable.

You won’t have to do any dancing or lip-syncing unless you specifically request some of those (because you know they’re valuable at times) but must be discussed during our consultation, otherwise won’t be added.

Videos will consist of a mix of spoken lines, showing behind the scenes, and text-on-screen.

These videos are designed to be relational, help start conversation, and educate on you and your business.

Each video should only take a few minutes from start to finish to create, including filming, editing, and posting. Most people will be able to film and draft all three months in under two hours, even if brand new.

These video options can be mixed with content you’re already creating or function as your main short-form content for the month.

Ready for done-with-you content creation?

Bookings now available  for only $199 

Consultation can be set for the next 1-2 weeks based on mutual availability. 

Once you grab custom content package, I’ll reach out to you via your connected email to schedule your consultation and get your links to look over before we meet. Your dossier will be emailed to you within a week of our meeting with content you can tweak as needed!



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