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Each course is only available 1-4 times per year and is not available during non-launch times. Several will be launching in August (including some we don’t have listened here!)

Livestream Action Plan

Course and One Year Membership

How to grow your business and beat the social media algorithms through one big, important livestream per month—from tech to best practices, to a fill-in-the-blank action plan template

How To Run A Live Broadcast Talk Show 101


From picking your show theme to finding guests and viewers, we’re taking all the guess work out of starting your very first show!

Thumbnails That Convert

How To Create Thumbnails for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and IGTV To Grow Your Account

Creating thumbnails for the different social platforms can be tricky…and if you get it wrong, it could kill your account growth. Whether you’re a brand new beginner or you just need to up your game, this step-by-step course breaks down everything from design techniques to what to write on your thumbnails, to have to change them to thrive on each different social platform, brought to you by a professional photographer and graphic designer of nearly two decades.

Course is  ON SALE FOR ONLY $19.99 (org $59.99) 

Bots For Bosses

Facebook Messenger Bot Automation

Ready to automate your Facebook page, give your clients an engaging, personalized experience, and to save yourself hours every single week while answering FAQ, delivering freebies, dropping special bonuses while on a live broadcast, and more?

This recording from a live broadcast training will show you button-for-button how to set up your first three bots, give you ideas for other ways to utilize your bots, and drop marketing tips for making the most of the bots you set up.

Course is  ON SALE FOR ONLY $97 (org $197) 

How To Build A Website (Without Coding)

Learn to build your own brand website without knowing coding in this template-free program that allows you to drag-and-drop your success right into a custom-built website.

You no longer need to wait on a designer to update your site! This course shows you how to build your own custom website without having to rely on old-fashioned templates that date your website and give you the freedom to build your brand the right way without wasting your time or money . From modern website design to the logistics of designing a site, this course has you covered!

Click-Worthy Newsletters For Bosses

Newsletters That Get Opened

Creating a newsletter that actually gets opened isn’t easy. Between algorithms and people just not caring, how do you ensure your newsletter gets opened by your subscribers.

In this five-module training, I’m breaking down the essentials parts of newsletters, how to design your messages, how to get subscribers, setting up an automated welcome sequence, and how to promote your newsletter.

Course if only available during launches a few times a year. Course will be available again in September.

Fear-Free Filming

Creating Videos and Live Videos

Video can be scary. Between the technology and not wanting to be ion camera, how do you know what to do to create video in a world where all social medias value videos?

As a professional photographer and videographer, I’m breaking down everything you need to know to create videos in a fear-free way.

A Bosses Guide to Instagram Stories

Print and Ebook copies available on Amazon (read for free on Kindle Unlimited)

The button-for-button training guide on how to leverage Instagram Stories as an entrepreneur with tips and tricks, ideas for how to use each function, and more.

Both paperback and ebook copies available on Amazon—read for free through Kindle Unlimited!

Bio Bootcamp For Bosses

Create your social media and website bios, elevator pitch, etc

Are you losing clients because your bio is chasing them away, Boss? Not anymore!

Battle-Tested IG Captions To Start Conversations

10 fill-in-the-blank captions to get engagement on your Instagram account

These are ten of the best captions my clients and I have used in our businesses to get better engagement on our accounts! Tweak them and reuse them throughout the year so you don’t have to struggle to come up with captions for your posts!

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