Business Consultations

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Consultations are scheduled in 3 month increments. Payments will be done on a monthly basis so it’s not all up front (but if you chose to pay it all up front, you unlock a custom 3 month marketing plan from me to go with what you’re working on so you don’t even have to think about your social media content while you’re in the program)

General Business Coaching ($1000 per month for three months)

We’ll meet for a one hour consultation every week to work through your business and refine what you’re doing to make it more effective for you, locate ways to make more money in your business, and discuss streamlining your process.

This is designed to refine your business, make it more effective, and identify areas you can trim/remove, implement to grow your business, and see the things you’re too close to see in your business so you can maximize how you use them in your brand.

Systems and Automation Business Coaching ($2000 per month for three months)

We’ll meet for a one hour consultation every week to go through your systems and strategies to take work off your shoulders and allow your business to run without you having to constantly have your hands on it.

Each month, we’ll focus on a different automation/system/strategy and use the weekly meetings to plan, create, execute, and refine that system.

This is designed to help cut your workload down and allow your business to run on it’s own even when you step away to be with family, go on vacation, sleep, etc.

Please let me know what industry you’re in, what your business is, and send any relevant social media links. I do not take on everyone that inquires about coaching, so I always make sure it’s a good fit before we set up your coaching!

Consultations are typically held on camera so we have the ability to screen share while we are working—you don’t have to look fancy for me, we’re here to work.

Each coaching packages comes with set office hours every month where I’ll be available for questions via chat for additional support or in-the-moment question.

Remember, I’m here to help you identify how make your business more efficient—you’re  responsible for implementing it and doing the work. Let me take the stress off of figuring out what to improve and how to do it so you just have to worry about running your business.

Most entrepreneurs are too close to their business to be able to identify what’s holding them back, small changes they can make to bring in more money, and what they’re missing from their offers—I’m here to help!